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Privacy Policy

Family Cover

We are dedicated to making sure the privacy of our website visitors; the policy below sets out how we will treat your own information.

(1) What info do we collect on our website?
We may collect, keep and use the following kinds of own personal data:
(a) information about your visits to and use of our website.
(b) your personal contact details only to arrange a call with an advisor of life insurance.

(2) Info about your website visits
We may also collect info about your visits to this website such as your UK location, browser type, referral keyword and search engine, length of your visit and number of pages you viewed too. We may use this info in the marketing and improvement of this website and to improve the website’s performance and visual look.

(3) Using your own personal data
Personal data you submit via the form on this website will be used to provide you with quotes for the services our 3rd party providers offer.
(a) We will not disclose any info you provide to us to anybody else for any other reason then the reason you applied on the website.
(b) We do not approve of unsolicited email, sms marketing or spam and will not use your contact details except as specified in the section above. We will not forward the info about you to other companies for unsolicited marketing purposes under any circumstances and via any method such as sms, email etc.

(4) Security of your own personal data
We will take all reasonable precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information by using secure methods at all times.

(5) Policy amendments
We may update this privacy policy when we need to. You should check this page now and then to ensure you are happy with any changes we have made to the policy.

(6) Contact
If you have any queries about our privacy policy or our treatment of your personal info and data, just email us at .

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